Wednesday, December 6

Basic Bathroom Design Rules

Designing a bathroom or ensuite bathroom which is bathroom that is connected to bedroom, is often an afterthought. As most of the cost has covered into a building and designing other rooms of the house. 

The bathroom design should be done with proper planning and clear intent. There are specific design rules of the bathroom as well. Most bathroom designs are not only creative but also functional. 

The lack of square footage, no natural light, the colour and design of tiles can make it challenging to decorate, but if done right with proper order, the entire room can appear brighter and make it roomier.

Here are some design rules or quick tips that can make your bathroom designs bolder and more spacious:

Light and Bright Colour 

Not all ensuite bathroom are gifted by natural daylight. So, to make your bathroom properly illuminated, paint your walls which are light and bright in colour. A wood floor and bright light wall colour can leave the room with proper light. Further white tiles can also make the bathroom surrounding brighter and hence spacious. 

If your bathroom has natural light, then lightweight curtain fabric is a great option. Curtain fabric will not only reduce a mold or mildew but also can reduce energy costs.

Mirror Wall

Mirror wall work, as well as a window, does. If we placed it correctly in the bathroom, the mirror adds a significant amount of light. Mirroring the entire wall can help in making the tiny bathroom more spacious. If mounting a mirror wall is not an option, incorporating multiple mirrors on one wall will do the same good work.

Shower Door

Opting for a shower door will open up a little more space in the bathroom in that glass shower door will make a bathroom more aesthetic. Bathrooms with glass shower doors, light and bright colour tiles on the floor and wall will make the bathroom look luxurious.

Backlighting the Mirror

To amplify light, this is a modern way! Backlighting a mirror can make a bathroom rich and well illuminated.

Add Towel Bars and Hooks

Adding more towel bars, you are making the bathroom more like just handles. It can seriously downgrade the looks of the bathroom. Adding one or two max towel bars is enough. Make sure to add a towel bar near a bathtub or inside the shower room. Most of the western hotels fasten towel bars on the side of the sink.

Moreover, add hooks behind the door or on the unused wall. You can mount an air freshener on that.

Install a Shelf

Creating space for storage is also very important. The shelf can include soaps and shampoo bottles. Make sure to add a Shelf near a bathtub or inside the shower cabin. Adding shower niche is a further space saver. Adding shower niche is possible in small bathroom design.

Adding Sink

In designing a tiny bathroom, adding a sink is more challenging. In that situation, add a sink in the corner of the bathroom. It gives plenty of space in the bathroom and also to clean.

Provide Storage Space

Maintaining a separate storage space in a tiny bathroom is often an afterthought. As most of the room has been occupied by the toilet, sink, shower space, bathtub, and other bathing facilities. So there is no space left to add storage space in the bathroom. For this owner, getting creative about space is the only option left. The area underneath the sink, high open shelves are creative ways to make more space. Plus, adding a ladder to hang towels, and making shelves on the side of the sink, are few creative ways that house owners can think of.

Installing Lights in the Bathroom

Installing the lights, skylights, vanity lights, backlighting the mirror are popular ways to make the bathroom ambitious. Moreover, installing skylights will make the entire space well lightened and significantly brighten the bathroom.

 Installing Faucets

Different varieties of faucets are available in the market like Bridge, Spread fit, Single hand, Wall-mounted, etc. In all this variety of faucets, wall-mounted faucets are a real space saver. The house owner with a tiny bathroom should think of wall-mounted faucets. As they are stylish, easy to clean, and a great space saver.

These are some bathroom ideas that every house owner should think of. This list is also helpful for making small ensuite bathroom designs more spacious and bolder additionally, it will add an overall value to your house.