Wednesday, December 6

How to choose the right Luxury Chandelier for your Home Interiors?

The home interiors play a significant role in elevating the positive atmosphere of the entire house. In many ways, the interior looks of the home can tell a lot about the person who lives in it or about the person who made all the designing choices. 

But no matter what all you put on your ceilings and walls, it will always be incomplete without a grandeur luxury chandelier. 

The addition of an eye-catching chandelier does make a substantial contribution to the overall interiors of the house. It has the power to communicate with the walls of the house and dictate its presence among the all other interiors placed. And when it lights up in the night, it is hard to roll over the eyes to something else.

Essential Tips that will help you in buying the right Chandelier for your Home:

  1. What will be the Right Size of the Chandelier? 

Chandeliers can vary from enormous sizes to the much smaller ones. Choosing the right size of the same becomes essential because the distance that the light of the chandelier will travel should be accurate as per the height of your room ceiling.

A chandelier too small or big will lead to improper lighting in the area where it is to be installed. You are advised to buy a 30-34 inches chandelier if the height of your room ceiling is nearly 8 feet and anything above that you consider placing a 33-37 inches chandelier.

Another measurement criterion you can consider is of your table present in the room. Installing a chandelier that is at least 12 inches narrower than the size of the table is quite suitable.

  1. Where in the House will it be installed?

This is in relation to the criteria mentioned above. The importance of this is to ensure that the purpose of the chandelier is rightly served. Many people prefer to have chandelier almost in every room of their house. What should be noted here is that a luxury chandelier placed in a big hall will not do the required job in a small lobby. 

  1. How should I position my Chandelier?

Now that your chandelier has arrived at your doorstep, the next immediate step is to decide the positioning of the chandelier. It has to be placed rightly at a point from where it will not get in anybody’s way and will not leave with too much brightness on one’s face or head. The light bulbs installed in the chandelier are very bright; however, to resolve the issue of too much brightness you can replace the original bulbs with the low wattage ones.

In smaller surroundings, low wattage bulbs should be preferred because high wattage bulbs can bring excessive heat and glare in a particular room.

Luxury chandeliers without a doubt are the highlights of every home. Their giant and unique presence leaves a deep heartfelt impression on both the visitor and the homeowner.