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Investment Law Group Employs Risk Transfer


Who is the Investment Law Group?

The Investment Law Group From Davis Gillett Mottern & Sims LLC is a small law firm focused on delivering value to investment managers and entrepreneurs. The firm leverages the extensive experience of its partners as lawyers, investors and business owners to provide actionable insights to its clients.

The Investment Law Group was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm provides expertise in forming and operating hedge funds and other private fund structures, and works with investment managers across a range of liquid and illiquid strategies.

Partners at Investment Law Group also advise entrepreneurs and business owners through posts specifically designed to assist companies as they develop and grow. In working with its clients, the company is committed to focus, reflection and diligence.

What are the risks faced by law firms?

One of the main challenges that companies such as Investment Law Group face is finding the right insurance partner with the best policies. Having the right coverage is essential for all law firms, to ensure that both firms and attorneys remain protected while serving their clients.

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Usually, the most important insurance policy that a lawyer or law firm can purchase is Legal professional liability insurance (LPL). Also known as attorneys’ professional liability or statutory malpractice insurance, LPL protects attorneys and businesses from claims alleging failure to perform any duties under prohibited professional and ethical standards. Clients can file claims even if no such violations occurred, based on adverse legal consequences. There is a high potential for scandal, from misinterpretation of the law and bad legal advice to missed deadlines.

on condition Four out of five lawyers They will be sued for misconduct at some point in their careers, and they have the right Lawyer’s Insurance It is just a necessity. LPL . requirements It varies in every state. While only Oregon and Idaho currently require attorneys to have statutory professional liability insurance, many states require attorneys to report their insurance status, with some like Ohio requiring attorneys to disclose to clients if they practice without coverage.

The need for insurance coverage is clear. The challenge for law firms such as Investment Law Group is finding the right insurance company. While many brokers are aware of the need to have proper professional liability policies for attorneys, many fall short when it comes to the right process.

many Legal Institutions, especially small businesses, have to spend a lot of time filling out orders and waiting for a quote. Then you face those companies huge installments The lack of transparency about pricing. For law firms like Investment Law Group, devoting a lot of time and effort to meeting the outdated requirements of traditional insurers can distract from the core business of helping their clients.

Insurance solutions for Embroker Law Firm

When the leadership of the investment law group came across Embroker, they knew they had found the right insurance partner. As a leading digital provider of nationwide insurance coverage, Embroker is ideally suited to assist law firms such as Investment Law Group. With a commitment to making insurance radically simple, Embroker provides law firms with the ability to obtain fast quotes in a short period of time to help preserve and protect their attorneys.

In working with Embroker, the leadership of the Investment Law Group was particularly impressed with the excellent service provided by Embroker’s representatives. Having a direct line of communication with Embroker ensures the success of the operation, allowing the company to obtain the coverage it needs in a satisfactory and timely manner.

Embroker’s commitment to Reinventing Insurance for Law Firms It makes it an ideal partner for companies like the Investment Law Group. Embroker understands that attorneys want expert service, competitive pricing, transparent, and an easier, time-saving process. Embroker LPL . product It is designed to meet those needs by offering tailored coverage for law firms.

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In addition to LPL insurance, Embroker offers Several other policies To ensure the protection of law firms. While every firm has unique needs depending on factors such as size, all law firms need to consider a certain set of insurance policies to protect their attorneys and their assets:

  • professional liability insurance: Also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance, this policy is designed to protect law firms and attorneys from civil lawsuits related to negligence, common errors, omissions, misrepresentation claims, and other issues. For law firms, it is important to know How much does E&O التأمين insurance cost?.
  • Business Owners Policy: Embroker’s BOP includes commercial real estateAnd the General liabilityAnd the Business interruption insurance. This policy package provides basic coverage at a lower price.
  • Commercial crime insuranceThis policy protects companies and law firms from financial losses resulting from crimes committed by employees and/or third parties, including theft, embezzlement and fraud.
  • Electronic liability insurance: An essential policy for any company or business in the digital age, cyber liability insurance provides protection against potential damages caused by cyber attacks.
  • Insurance of directors and officersD&O protects the leaders of a company or corporation by protecting their personal assets from lawsuits alleging misuse of funds, breaches of fiduciary duties, and more.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance: EPLI provides coverage for claims made by employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment-related issues.
  • Workers Compensation InsuranceWorker comps are required by law in all states except Texas, and cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs.


Since first registration with Embroker, Investment Law Group has remained a satisfied customer. In fact, the company worked with Embroker representatives Brad Barkin, VP Law & Accounting Practice, and Joe Wasserman, Senior Director of Customer Success, to renew its policies. As a result of direct contact and clear communication with the Embroker team, the renovation process was smooth and effortless, ensuring the continued success of the partnership between Embroker and Investment Law Group.

Brad Barkin and Joe Wasserman have been excellent providers to our company. They gave us plenty of time to renew, and made the process as easy as possible, with very good results.” – Rob Joseph, Partner and Attorney, Davis Gillett Mottern & Sims LLC’s Investment Law Group

With the right insurance coverage in place, the Investment Law Group’s leadership and attorneys can focus on helping their clients by delivering unparalleled value to investment managers and entrepreneurs. The company can continue on its path to growth and success, safe in the knowledge that it is protected by the right insurance policies.

In the meantime, Embroker continues its mission to provide law firms with digital, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions to meet their needs while keeping them protected with policies tailored to them.

“I have already recommended Embroker to many friends and will continue to do so.” – Rob Joseph, Partner and Attorney, Davis Gillett Mottern & Sims LLC’s Investment Law Group

An overview of the investment law group

Law firms such as Investment Law Group are committed to helping their clients achieve success. This is why having the right insurance coverage, including a robust LPL insurance policy, is so important, to help protect businesses and their attorneys so they can do the work they’re supposed to be doing without having to worry about the risks involved.

For law firms large and small, having a trusted and reliable insurance provider like Embroker is the most effective way to stay protected while ensuring future success.


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