Friday, December 8

The Hidden Google Trick “I’m Feeling Curious”

Google recently added a new feature to its long list of search engines. This new feature has helped many people curb boredom and reduce stress. “I’m Curious” is a new feature that has helped a lot of people be happy and busy at the same time.

What is “I’m feeling curious”

This is a Google feature that provides facts and truths to a guest who is not sure what to look for on Google. It usually shows noteworthy data selected by some formulas from the index web pages in google data sources, and it is also highlighted at the top of the search results web page in front of you. Every noteworthy truth appears in a speech bubble on this top Google webpage with a link to the website indicating where the information is from. The information appears to come from different websites, as does Google with its built-in encyclopedia known as the Understanding Table.

Benefits of I’m feeling curious feature

Increases a person’s general knowledge.

By using this feature, you can be sure that you will not waste a minute. During your free time or during exercise, you can try this this new feature to gain more knowledge. This trick can fill your brain with interesting and educational information. It’s a trick anyone of any age can try, from 6 year olds to 80 year olds. It’s a lot of fun and increases your knowledge. If you want to try it out, check it out online and see how fun and educative it will be.

Its academic

As shown above, it is a technique that is not only fun but also helps to get a lot of important information. It can provide a lot of information that you can use in school or even at work. The tool has a wide variety of information ranging from medicine to languages to math and so on. Hence, a user can choose the part that they like the most and want to learn more about.

It helps you find other google tricks

This trick isn’t Google’s only feature. There are numerous other features that many people are not familiar with. The “I am curious” function can help you for further information. An example of this is Get Local Time Anywhere. You can use this feature to quickly view the local time of any city in the world. It will help people know a specific time in a specific time when planning to visit. Gamers always find this feature useful as there are always friends from abroad or even from the other side of the world.

This is just one of Google’s many tricks. Taking the time to use the I’m feeling Curious feature will give you more tips to help you really feel the impact technology and Google are having on your life.


“I’m feeling curious” is one of the best features to enjoy and use. This is a good trick that you can use to get more information. It’s been around for almost 2 years. And as soon has people stumbled on it, they have experienced many benefits. They always turn to this feature to reduce boredom and look for information.