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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘1883’

Netflix continues to pour money into original content, and has a number of new series coming out this year. Many of these are exclusive to the service, and there are several which will be of particular interest to horror fans. Not everyone likes horror, but we know you’re out there. You’ve been tuning in to our recommendations for years, so here are six more shows that you might like. You may not have heard of them all yet, but these shows could be the perfect way to spend an evening this fall. Here are seven reasons why you should watch 1883:

It’s a Korean horror show

One of the best ways to get people to watch a show is to tell them it’s a horror. We love this genre, and are always looking for new and interesting examples. There’s a lot of crossover in the best of Asian and Western horror, but there are also some differences. For example, Asian horror often has a distinct artistic side to it. The types of stories told, and the way they are told, are different from what we often see in the West. Asian horror also often explores cultural ideas and themes in different ways than in the West. An example of this is the Japanese concept of “Yūgen”. Yūgen is the idea of a sublime and transcendental beauty that can be found in the darkness. It is closely linked to the aesthetics of the No theatre movement. We see this concept appear in many Asian horror films, but it is rarely explored in Western horror.

It’s based on an actual historical event

The first season of 1883 is based on the true events of the Great Plague of 1877. This was an outbreak of bubonic plague that killed an estimated 100,000 people. This was the first time the disease had been seen in Korea since 1783, when it killed roughly 75% of the population. The same percentage was killed in 1877, with around 100,000 deaths in a population of just under 2 million. This was during a time of instability in Korea, with the country split between Chinese, Japanese, and Russian factions. The plague was likely spread by traders and travellers, and the second season of 1883 will explore how this impacts the political landscape of the country.

It has a female lead

The protagonist of 1883 is a woman named Shin Saimdang. She is a famous artist and poet, and one of the few women of note in 19th century Korea. FlorenceNightingale was also a famous woman of the 19th century. She was a famous nurse who is credited with bringing new standards and practices to the nursing field. Both of these women are highly significant figures in their respective fields, and both come across as real people. They are not overly simplified characters, and both are faced with real struggles and hardships. This makes them far more interesting to watch than characters written as one-dimensional heroines.

The cast is filled with recognisable actors

The cast of 1883 is a veritable who’s who of notable Asian actors. This is particularly true of the Japanese cast, but there are also several recognisable performers from other areas of Asia. Surprisingly for a show exclusive to Netflix, there are a number of Hollywood actors as well. This is particularly true of the actors playing the roles of the Russian traders. For example, the actor playing the main Russian character is Denisof. He is probably most famous for his role as Wesley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is not a show where you need to know the cast to follow the plot, but it is certainly nice to recognise some of the famous people on screen.

You’ll get to see Korea before it was rebuilt

The first season of 1883 is set before the rebuilding of Seoul. This was a significant event in Korean history, and the capital was rebuilt using modern architectural and societal ideas. The first season of 1883 is set in a very different and fascinating world. It shows a Korea that is still distinctly Asian, but has a different feel and aesthetic to it. The buildings are old-fashioned, and there are fewer modern touches. The show is set in a time before electricity, and there is a more natural and raw feel to the setting. This allows the show to use lighting in different ways than we often see in modern shows. It is not uncommon to see the characters lit by candles or torches, which gives the show an interesting, retro feel.

The art and set design are stunning

We’ve covered a few of the ways in which 1883 stands out from other shows. There are, however, many other aspects of the show that are worth discussing. The set design in 1883 is particularly impressive, with a number of aesthetically pleasing architectural touches. There are also a number of beautiful costumes throughout the show, with a wide range of Asian designs. The costumes appear to be historically accurate, and are certainly very pretty to look at. The art throughout the show is also very well done. The attention to detail present in both the costumes and the set design is also present in the art.


There are many reasons to check out 1883. It has a unique premise, with a story based on real historical events. It also has a strong cast of actors, and is beautifully designed and presented. If any of these things pique your interest, then you should definitely check out 1883.

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