Wednesday, December 6

What are the top features of Joomla to be used on website designing?

When in search of a software package that can help build, manage and publish content for your business website, Joomla software is the suitable one. To grow a business website, this is the suitable one to use. It can speed up the progress of webpage with additional features and extensions. The Template Monster are uniquely designed to help in better SEO optimization and designed in accordance with the latest website standards. Below is a rundown of the features of Joomla that can be of immense help in website designing. 

Helps in better content management 

There is a three-layer way of simplifying article that helps in better organization of the content on the website. To safeguard important content on the page, the administrators often archive the content and hide it from any website visitors. It is also easy to create content on the website and edit it by using images and different formatting in a unique way. This is possible due to the pre-installed modules that help to show the latest items, articles, newsflashes and article on the website.  

Enhanced user management 

With better built-in registration system, user can configure personal details in the webpage. One can get access to user groups with different permissions on it like editing, publishing, accessing and the like. In user management, authentication is an important part in which Joomla website templates help to use various protocols, OpenID, Google mail and the like.  

Banner management 

It is easy to set up banners on Joomla website with the help of the banner manager. Also, it helps create client profile better and add banners, campaigns, impression number, special URL and the like. With this setup, it becomes easy to set banners on your website as per requirement.   

Better template management  

With Joomla templates, it is possible to make your site look great. Here, you have the option either to use a single template that suits website requirement or a separate template for different sections of your website. For better template options, you can go through Template Monster and choose the one that suits your website theme the best. So, without changing the content structure of your website, the templates help to change the look of the website easily. 

Search engines rankings

The Joomla search feature helps to navigate the users to the popular search items and help the admin of the web page have better details about the search statistics of the page. By going through the statistics, it becomes easy to make the required changes on the page. This will enhance the readability of the webpage and help retain the attention of the target group.

Menu manager

With the menu manager, it is possible to create menus and items on the website. Also, you can customize the menu hierarchy based on the types of content that you wish to incorporate on the website. Other than this, try to use a single menu in different places, or use rollovers, flyouts, and better navigation system to make the website look appealing for the target group. So, the built-in features help the user in better use of the template in website designing.