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3 Metrics Signal Crypto Bloodbath May not Be Over – Tokens Set to Run in the Opposite Direction


Since Bitcoin reached an all-time high in November 2021, it has crashed 73% and taken the rest of the cryptocurrency market with it. Some signs are showing that the cryptocurrency crash has not bottomed out, but the good news is that some coins are pointing to a possible price hike.

Let’s take a look at the main metrics that indicate that the cryptocurrency market could go down.

1. Market sentiment

When Bitcoin crashed to just under $18,000 in June 2022, most of the cryptocurrency market was in deep fear. It stayed that way for several weeks before Bitcoin recovered slightly. The Crypto Fear and Greed Index measures market sentiment by evaluating several metrics.

At the moment, the market remains in a state of fear. Many crypto experts believe that Bitcoin could crash further, and most of the market seems to be echoing this view. When the market is scared, it tends to sell out of fear of lower prices.

2. High interest rates

Inflation has been a heavy burden on most consumers since the global lockdowns. Not only did the price of gas skyrocket, but it also rose to daily necessities such as food and hygiene products. One of the ways the Fed has tried to combat inflation is by raising interest rates.

It has gradually raised interest rates since March 2022 and plans to continue lowering consumer prices. When interest rates rise, the dollar becomes stronger. Investors see the dollar as a more attractive investment option, and tend to exit crypto and stock holdings so that they can hold more dollars for a higher return.

3. Slack

Many economists have warned of an impending recession. And they may be right in considering that some cryptocurrencies and stocks have lost more than 70% of their value. Big companies have laid off workers, and most people have less money because of inflation.

During a recession, people who have lost their jobs are in desperate need of money, and they tend to spend their investments to get it. To pay the mortgage and daily expenses, investors sell their crypto assets to fund their lifestyles.

Cryptocurrencies that could explode during the crypto market crash

We have identified three crypto projects that could pump during cryptocurrency disruptions due to their use cases and platform developments.

1. Tamadoge

Tamadoji It is a recently launched NFT project, but it shows huge growth potential. While the cryptocurrency market was in the doldrums, Tamadoge went into its test sale a few weeks ago. The pre-release beta sold out quickly, and Tamadoge raised nearly $7 million during the pre-sale period.

The presale continues until the end of the fourth quarter of 2022, but the way it is going, investors should get into this futuristic crypto project now before TAMA token prices skyrocket. One indication that the price of TAMA could rise significantly is its listing on LBank, a centralized exchange. But TAMA will also be listed on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange.

Exposure to these exchanges means that more investors will have them before their eyes. This may increase the demand and then the price. Another factor affecting the price of TAMA is scarcity. The platform will burn 5% of all tokens spent on the platform.

Players can earn rewards on Tamadoge by competing for the highest ranking in the leaderboard by caring for and raising pets. Investors are rewarded with entertainment and TAMA tokens, which they can exchange for other currencies.

Tamadoge is definitely a Crypto to buy in case of accident Because of its popularity during the pre-sale period and developments such as P2E Arcade, which will make interacting with pets more realistic.

Investors who want to get the latest updates about this cryptocurrency project can stay updated by subscribing to tamadog telegram Channel. (Administrators will never contact subscribers first)

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2. Infinity Battle

Infinity Battle It is an NFT-based sports game that enables players to earn money by entering six different platforms. Investors can get started on this play to win a crypto game by buying an IBAT token on Battle Swap.

Players can invest their land or spend tokens on billboard ads in IBAT Premier League, Battle Arena and Battle Games. But players can also earn by entering the Battle Stake, which allows players to choose between single, duo, and chests mode.

The NFT project offers players the opportunity to compete for the highest rewards, but also rewards the most active players from the global staking pool with IBAT tokens. Players can exchange their IBAT tokens for fiat currencies.

The popularity of the game was proven during the pre-sale period, which was supposed to last for 90 days but sold out within 25 days. Since the demand for IBAT increased after the pre-sale, investors wanted to list it on the exchange. It was listed on PancakeSwap on August 17, 2022. That listing was so popular that investors who bought IBAT during the pre-sale saw the coin pump 700%.

IBAT has proven to be one of the best cryptocurrencies under $1, and investors who missed out on the pre-order and Initial Decentralized Offer (IDO) can still buy the coin from PancakeSwap.

The best way to stay updated on project developments is by joining the Infinity telegram battle Channel.

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3. Lucky Block

Lucky Block It is an NFT competition platform that offers several grand prizes to win for Lucky Block NFT holders. Some of the prizes include a million dollar house, a Lamborghini, and a million dollars worth of bitcoin.

In order for investors to have a chance to win these prizes, they must hold LBLOCK, the platform’s native token. Another great benefit of owning a LBLOCK is the potential capital gains. Investors who bought the coin when it first appeared in January 2022 have made huge profits.

But this platform is constantly looking for ways to innovate, so it has developed LBLOCK V2, which is an ERC 20 token – investors pay zero tax on buying or selling tokens.

The currency appears to be pumping when it is listed on the exchanges. So far, LBLOCK is listed on LBank and MEXC. has announced that it will list LBLOCK V2 on September 1, 2022. Could LBLOCK have another pricing pump when lists it?

The only way to avoid losing another potential price pump is to buy LBLOCK.

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The crash of the cryptocurrency market has led to the decline of most digital currencies, but some cryptocurrencies have proven it Popular encrypted winter symbols. This is evident from market orders and exchange listings.

One of those coins is the Tamadoge. It raised nearly $7 million during the pre-sale period, and its inclusion in LBank and Uniswap will likely increase demand for TAMA even more.


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