Friday, December 8

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: free software to recover lost data!

A company suffering a setback, such as a computer attack, will be in great difficulty to restart its activity. The consequences can be disastrous and varied.

Backup allows a company to restore its data.

There are two types of claims to be distinguished: minor, localized claims and major claims that impact the entire IT infrastructure of the company. Among the minor disasters we can mention failures of hard disks, false manipulations or viruses. In all cases this results in a loss of one or more files.

In order to limit the consequences, it is essential to have a backup solution that allows a granular restoration. That is, which allows you to browse and choose the files before you restore them, and not after you have restored all the saved data.

Finally, the retention function makes it possible to freeze data backups over time. Between the moment a file has been corrupted and the moment we notice it, it can be days or even weeks. The retention will allow you to find the version of the file that had not been corrupted at the time of its backup.

But we have another option! We can recover our lost data with EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

Available as a free and paid version, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software is a software for recovering lost data from a PC, Mac or other USB hard drive (USB key, SD card, external hard drive).

In what situations can you need data recovery software?

You may need data recovery software in many cases, here are some of them:

– Deleted files (which you finally want to recover)
– Formatting your PC
– Hard disk damaged
– PC attacked by a virus
– OS that crash
– Loss of partition
– RAW Score
– Manipulation error that leads to file deletion

Which file types can be recovered using specialized software?

Almost all types of files can be recovered using data recovery software like this Free Data Recovery Tool:

– imagery
– Documents
– Audio files
– Videos
– emails

Since which storage devices is it possible to recover lost files?

Again, it is possible to recover lost files from many different types of devices:

– Hard disk (PC or Mac)
– External hard drive
– SD memory card
– Digital camera
– Cellphone

Recover data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: how does it work? You can go to but here, we’ll show you the important steps.

Concretely, to recover lost data with EaseUS, here is the procedure that you will have to follow:

1. Download and install the free or paid version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (important point: the software must not be installed on the hard disk on which you have data to recover)
2. Launch the software then run an analysis on a specific location where you want to identify and recover any lost files: this analysis will identify all the items placed in the trash then other items deleted differently.

3. Browse the list of results identified by the tool and determine which ones you want to recover or not (it is possible to sort the files by date, type, weight, …).

4. Get the selected file (s) and save them on another hard drive or USB key with one click.

For more information about this software, please visit the official EaseUS website.