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Easy way to record educational videos – Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate

Internet has changed many aspects of life and one of them is the way of education. Before internet wasn’t much popular, people used to read books and hand written manuals. But with the advancement in internet and video productions software, things are different now. You can easily find recorded educational videos online anywhere around the world on internet or you can buy them from your institute or individual private instructors as well.

But last year due to COVID-19, everything was affected and so educational organization as well and they started to record their educational videos. But it’s not limited to an educational institute, you can do it yourself. You can record your own videos on any specific topic and can distribute them among the seekers or can sell them to online course selling websites. Let’s have a look how to record educational videos.

How to Record Educational Videos

It’s easy and very efficient to record educational videos if you have approach to right video recording tool and content. There are a few steps that should be considered before you start recording your video tutorials. This includes:

  1. What’s your topic and target audience?
  2. Make a good script and outline
  3. Record your voice
  4. Record your screen
  5. Make few edits to remove some unnecessary parts
  6. Add intro and outro into your video
  7. Finally, produce and share it.

What Do You Need to Start Recording Videos?

  • Recording Device  

First of all, you need a recording device, which can be your computer, mobile phone or digital camera. Even if you record videos with a digital camera, you need a video editing software later.

  • Screen recording Program

The 2nd important thing is a recording software that will capture the area of your computer screen or smartphone and you can explain things in that specific area.

  • Microphone   

If you want to explain things with voice over, then you need a microphone and it’s compulsory in most of the educational videos.

These are some of the steps but before doing all this you need to have a good video editor that can perform both the actions such as video recording and video editing alone. You can use an online tool or a third-party software on your computer system to record educational videos. The tool which we use and recommend to record and edit educational videos is Aicoosoft video converter. Let’s know what’s Aicoosoft video converter.

Aicoosoft video converter ultimate is the most efficient yet affordable ultimate video converter tool. It can perform all the function very professionally that a video converter should do. Aicoosoft video convert uses AI technology that’s not common in other video converter. it has most powerful video conversion, compression and downloading features that let user to record and edit education videos rapidly in less time.

Aicoosoft video converter let the user to perform all their tasks in a single place without downloading and installing any other tool. If you are recording educational videos, then you can perform all the tasks such as:

  • You can record your educational videos using built-in Screen Recorder of Aicoosoft.
  • Easily Edit your recorded educational videos and tutorials using Aicoosoft.
  • Download helping video clips from the internet to make your video more informatics.
  • As we know the size of recorded video are too large and with the help of Aicoosoft you can easily compress your video without losing original quality.
  • If you want to play your video on a specific device that only supports a specific format, Aicoosoft is capable of converting your videos into a number of formats.

Aicoosoft Video Converter Key Features

  • Offers 30X Faster video conversion and powerful compression.
  • Convert 4K videos without losing the original video and audio quality.
  • Use latest technology that supports lossless compression and conversion.
  • Aicoosoft supports GPU acceleration.
  • Supports conversion of 1000 formats in both audio and video files.
  • Friendly and easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • 100% safe, secure and reliable video converter to install on your computer system.
  • It has support for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.

How to record teaching videos with sound on Windows and Mac

Here, we will teach you how you can record teaching videos with sound on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Download and Install Aicoosoft Video Converter

Visit Aicoosoft’s video converter official website to download Aicoosoft video converter.  Click on “Download” button and it will start downloading. Once downloading is complete, double click on the file to install it.

Step 2. Start Recording Teaching Videos with Sound on Aicoosoft Video Converter

Launch the video converter and click on “Record” and then click on “Record Now”. A new dialogue box will appear and where you can enable and disable the option of Microphone for recording your sound.

Click on “REC” button next to Microphone button to record your video. It would be helpful if you test your microphone before recording the teaching video to verify whether it’s working or not. You can record yourself using your webcam as well.

Step 3. Edit Videos

Finally, once you have completed a complete video or lesson on Aicoosoft video converter now it’s time to make it more helpful buy removing and editing unnecessary parts. You can merge helpful video clips from internet into your teaching video for making it more useful and easier to understand for the audience. You can add affects as well.

Step 4. Release the Video

Once, the whole editing. The final step is to release the video to your teaching platform. Here, you can use the compression tool to reduce the size of the teaching video.

Recording teaching videos has become very common in this hard time of pandemic. If you are looking for a good tool to record and edit your teaching videos, then Aicoosoft video converter is best and yet affordable option for you.