Tuesday, September 26


The story of George Floyd has become a sensation and on Tuesday Chauvin was found guilty and convicted of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Chauvin may face up to forty years in jail for second-degree murder, twenty-five years in prison for third-degree murder and another 10 years in jail for manslaughter. After this announcement, many people took to the streets of the USA to celebrate this. That verdict comes about 12 months after an emotional video of Chauvin kneeling nonchalantly on George Floyd’s neck and back for 8 minutes and 46 seconds appeared online. George Floyd was seen gasping for air repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe.” This occurred at a time when most black Americans were complaining about the injustices happening to them and how the criminal justice system was dehumanizing them.

Who Was George Floyd

George Floyd was an American hip-hop artist and athlete who was born on 14, 1973, in the state of North Carolina. He was 6 and 4 inches tall and many of his family member nicknamed him “gentle giant”. George attended Yates High School and in 1993 he graduated. He used to participate in different curricular activities at his school for including co-captaining his basketball team and also playing football, where his team competed in Texas state championships in 1992. In 1995, George returned to Houston where he grew up, and became a car customizer and played club basketball.  George was a multi-talented guy because he also involved in rap, where he used the name Big Floyd in the hip-hop group Screwed UP Click.

How Many Kids did George Floyd Has?

George had two children; Gianna is 6 years old and lives in Houston with her mother Roxie and another son from his previous relationship.

What Job did George used to do?

George juggled various jobs. For example, he was a security officer at the Salvation Army store downtown and at the same time a driver and bouncer at the Conga Latin Bistro. But during his death, George was unemployed due to the epidemic and economic shutdown.

Did George had any criminal Record

Based on numerous court records, the Houston Chronicle reported that George had been brushing with the law on several occasions. For example, when George was 23 years old he was sentenced to approximately 6 months in prison after he was caught transporting cocaine to another person. In the following years he was arrested again and charged with robbery on two occasions. All of this put him in jail for ten months and ten days.

In 2001, George was found guilty of failing to recognize a police office and sentenced to two weeks in prison, on October 29, 2002; he was caught with a gram of cocaine. In 2003, arrested for trespassing and February, 6, 2004 for carrying an ounce of cocaine. In all these cases, he was sentenced to approximately three years in prison. As you can see, George’s criminal record was extremely long. After his release, George was caught again by the police and charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon.

In the only case that resulted in his death, he was charged with producing a counterfeit $ 20 bill to buy cigarettes. A man at the store called police to report this, and then George ran off to a car parked nearby. Although the caller did not recognize George by his name as he did not know George Floyd’s criminal record as per the 911 transcript.

How did George die

The law enforcement restrained him, and in the process, this happened. According to the autopsy report, George’s cause of death on May 25 2020 was due to cardiopulmonary arrest that made it difficult for law enforcement to hold, restraint, and compress the neck. The pathologist said that he passed away after blood and air flow were unable to enter his brain, resulting in his death.