Friday, December 8

Leverage Linkedin for optimising business’s growth

Do you know that Linkedin currently holds over 30 million company accounts and has 675 million monthly users? Linkedin is not just being used by professionals around the world, but many students and elders are using it too. Linkedin has become the ultimate platform for effective professional communication.

Linkedin isn’t just restricted to being an online resume form anymore. It is more about the persona you create and interact with other professionals. Over 94% of B2B marketers use Linkedin as their marketing tool. It is the best place to leverage your growing business. Linkedin offers tools and services that are customized as per the business size. So here are some tips that can help you to improve your company’s visibility.

Create the business page

Build a professional profile and a decent looking cover photo. The first impression always matters. You can go as creative as you can with the photo and the introduction. But ensure they are within the professional guidelines.

A photo with a background of a beach or a cover photo that says, “My life, my rules” doesn’t really give out the attention you’re looking for. The headline is just 120 characters, so make sure you think thoroughly and write. Because the headline is the first and formal introduction that anyone will notice. Do not leave it blank either.

Fill in the blanks

The more information you mention on your profile, the more interested and informed a person becomes. While the headline is like a trailer of the movie, your ‘about’ section speaks volumes about the work.

Mention your past projects and skill sets. Write about your experience and accomplishments. You also have an option of endorsements, request your business partners to endorse the business on this platform. Stating all of the information also builds a sense of trust for the viewer.

Linkedin buttons on your website

Leveraging LinkedIn is effective when it runs the other way around too. Just as you’re endorsing the business on the professional media, create a Linkedin button for all your external communications. Like, mention the Linkedin URL in every email communication you send out to your clients.

Have the logo embedded in the website. This way, anyone who visits your website will also check out the activity on Linkedin. Also, there is a game-changing new feature added to this website. The new ‘open for business’ feature lets the users display the services they provide at the top of the profile.

Engage and not just communicate

Engaging with the audience means actually having virtual interaction with all the connections. It includes celebrating a fellow connection’s work anniversary and commenting on someone’s discerning post. Every single activity you do shows up in the newsfeed of the profiles of your connections.

When you can, lend a hand to a fellow in need. Take the seminars conducted by others. Similarly, organise seminars and spread awareness about your services. The key here is to have constant engagement with the target audiences to improve visibility. When you are mindful of the actions and proactively participating in socializing, credibility follows. You can also choose to interact with the connections via email using an email address finder. It will help you create a new client base for potential customers.


93% of digital marketers swear by Linkedin for being the best platform for lead generation. Most of the traffic on websites comes from Linkedin, and this increases visibility. All of these numbers confirm brand building and its sustainability.