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Shuffles, Pinterest’s invite-only collage-making app, is blowing up on TikTok — here’s how to get in – TechCrunch


Video Mood Boards are spread in collage style tik tok The application also made it possible. Shuffles, the recently launched collage maker on Pinterest, has climbed to the top of the App Store charts thanks to demand from Gen Z users who are taking advantage of the new creative expression tool ManufactureAnd the Publish And the Share Visible Content. these “Aestheticcollages then done set to music Post it on TikTok or share it privately with friends or the wider Shuffles community.

Despite being in an invitation-only state, quirks Already spent some time as the #1 Lifestyle app on the US App Store.

During the week of August 15-22, 2022, Shuffles ranked fifth in the best lifestyle apps by iPhone downloads in the United States, according to metrics provided by the app intelligence company. data – An increase of 72 places in the ranking compared to the previous week. The Lifestyle app was #1 on iPhone by Sunday, August 21, and moved into the top 20 non-gaming apps on iOS as a whole in the US on the same day, after jumping 22 rankings from the day before.

In addition, the company sensor tower The app is now found to be number 66 overall on the US iPhone App Store and is the #1 app overall in Ireland, New Zealand and the UK, it’s #2 overall in Australia and #3 in Canada.

The app was first launched in late July 2022, and the app has seen 211,000 downloads for iOS All over the world in the month it was live – 160.000 says that of these downloads were in the US. Meanwhile, Sensor Tower estimates that the app has seen nearly 338,000 installs during this time.

Given that it hasn’t been “publicly released” yet, Shuffles appears to have taken a hit off Pinterest, which has been trying to reinvent itself in the age of first video-driven creators with products like Idea Pins, TikTok-style, and live video marketing on Pinterest TV. .

Likewise, Shuffles also targets a younger age group who is using social media in a new way: for self-expression, not just communication.

The new app allows users to create their own collages using the Pinterest photo library or by taking pictures of the objects they want to include using the camera. One clever feature includes its use of technology, built internally, that allows users to clip objects from their photos, their Pinterest boards, or by searching for new Pins.

This is similar to the upcoming iOS 16 photo separation feature which is arguably one of the most fun additions shipped with Apple’s new mobile operating system. Here, you can easily copy an object from one of your photos — like your dog, for example — and then paste that clip anywhere you choose, like in an iMessage chat. This looks a bit magical, as you just need to touch and hold to lift the image away from the background.

Meanwhile, random correspondence makes photo clippings easier. When you search for or take a photo, the app often automatically identifies the object in the photos and you just have to click the Add button to place it in the collage, where it can be resized and moved around the screen. Other times, you can use the built-in tool to cut out the part of the image that you want to use in your creation.

You can also choose to add effects and animations to photos to make them vibrate, rotate, pulsate, rotate, and more. For example, you can add an image of a turntable, and then move it around so that it actually spins.

Image credits: Pinterest

The finished product can be saved locally to your device, shared in a message with friends, or posted to a dedicated community using a hashtag. These hashtags can be browsed in the app’s discovery section where collages tagged with popular hashtags – #moodboard, #v vintage or #aesthetic, for example – are also displayed.

Although the app makes good for TikToks, it helps drive traffic to Pinterest as well. Objects in users’ collages are linked to Pinterest and a click will take you to a page dedicated to the item in question, which you can then open to view directly in Pinterest. In the case of items available for purchase – such as fall fashion or home decor, for example – users can also purchase the item by clicking on the retailer’s website.

The demand for the application has been supported by its exclusivity for the time being.

Users need an invite code to enter – and can only get it from an existing Shuffles user who has only five invitations to participate.

Invitation codes are often used to increase demand for new products, after seeing great success as a growth mechanism for Google’s new email system. Gmail in the early 2000s. But in subsequent years, their use seemed less reliable, as they became a way for app marketers to push users to post on social media in exchange for early access to a new product.

With Pinterest, with the use of invitation…


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